North Captiva Island, FL
Beach Yoga Pop-Up Classes

60 MINUTES $10

Experience the sounds of the waves, the salty air and warm sun against your skin as you are guided through a vinyasa inspired flow & meditation class for all levels. Meet me on the beach at the end of the runway. We will take individual photos under the arch after each class. Yoga mats are not necessary—bring a towel, water and an open heart. All classes are 1 hour and we will take individual yoga pose photos under the arch before/after class. Upcoming PopUps on North Captiva:

April 4th: 7am Sunrise Yoga & 7pm Sunset Yoga

April 5th: 7am Sunrise Yoga & 7pm Sunset Yoga

April 6th: 7am Sunrise Yoga & 7pm Sunset Yoga

April 7th: 7am Sunrise Yoga

NO BEACH CLASSES IN MAY—Online classes will be available.

Classes resume on the beach in June.

Payment accepted via Cash, Venmo & CC.


Atlanta Pop- Up Classes

60- 90 MINUTES $20

Greetings fellow yogis! We are so excited Pop-Up Yoga events are starting again! Spring 2019 is full of workshops and practices to nourish your mind, body and soul.


Yoga Supper Club

90 MINUTES $125

Our Pop-Up Yoga community has teamed up with local vegetarian chefs to offer monthly yin yoga supper clubs in Atlanta. We provide the perfect setting to connect and deepen a nurturing practice that teaches us how to befriend our body-heart-mind. We empower individuals with nurturing self-care practices that align with the natural rythms and cycles of life. Each evening includes an enchanting instructor led yoga practice, vegetarian dinner!


The Mala Workshop: Transformative Meditation with Mala Beads

90 MINUTES $125

A beginner's journey into the beautiful world of malas, the sacred tool to manifesting a fulfilling meditation practice. Join us on a sacred journey into the world of japa malas! Malas are108 beads that can be powerful tools of transformation for anyone. We can use them to create a more focused and centered meditation practice, a peaceful life and a calm mind. Malas are perfect for those beginning the path of meditation as well as for those who already have an established personal meditation practice. You will learn the history and use of malas as well as how to intuitively choose the mantra and mala that is right for you. By the end of this course you will be using a mala and know the essential guidelines to create your own personal meditation practice. We dive into all aspects of meditating with your mala, including creating sacred space, caring for the mala, and even cleansing and "recharging" your mala. This class is for those interested in beginning a meditation practice of any kind and anyone who would like to know how to meditate with mala beads. Your beads and materials are included in the cost of the workshop.


Om Soundbath

90 MINUTES $125

Yogis.... Have you ever wandered what "Om" actually means? ...Om is the absolute reality. It is said to be without beginning or end and embracing all that exists. Om is beyond any limit, transcendental, and indestructible. OM represents the wholeness of the universe and the eternal vibratory sound of brahman (the universal soul) that permeates it. Om is a mystical or sacred syllable. The syllable is taken to consist of three phonemes, a, u and m, variously symbolizing the Three Vedas or the Hindu Trimurti or three stages in life (birth, life and death ). A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Bhrahma Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation)." Join us for Om chanting & soundbath meditation.


Yoga Nidra

45 MINUTES $60

This class gives you the chance to experience a powerful yoga technique for deep rest. Yoga Nidra is sometimes called Beyond the Dreams, Deep Deep Sleep, or The Ocean of Emptiness. It is said that this deep formless sleep in not between Waking and Dreaming, but instead it is beyond both of these realms. As you rest in supported "shavasana" (lying down, no yoga experience needed) through guided visualization Jane will systematically lead you to the "place" where there is only a deep abiding stillness that is rich with awareness, a space of inspiration, intuition, and compassionate loving kindness. Yoga Nidra systematically induces complete mental, physical, and emotional relaxation. Through this process, the subtle energy channels are completely revitalized. In each session, you will dedicate a short period of time to “Sankalpa” which is “Intention.” This  will sow the seeds of change in the mind and create a deeply relaxing state in which those seeds may then grow to create change in our lives. Yoga Nidra is helpful for stress reduction, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and anxiety as well as general well-being.


Self Reiki

90 MINUTES $125

Have you ever heard of Reiki and wondered what it was? Or do you know someone that has participated in a Reiki session and INSISTS that you experience one as well? This workshop is designed to teach the basic principals of Universal Life Force Energy (which is in ALL of us!) and you will establish a “self care” routine. Reiki will help you gain insight and self-awareness, which will reveal something much deeper than what we think we want or need to achieve. Give yourself the opportunity to explore from within and connect with your higher self. You will explore what you want to let go of and leave behind, so you can make room for the new. This is where the reiki practice will guide you to a place of discovery, if you are honest with yourself. When we turn inward, we notice where energy blocks are held within the body and how to release tension, creating balance.



For reservations or information:

Reservations are not necessary unless you are booking private individual/group lessons. Please call (435)714-1103 for more information.