Our Team


Mimi Brown

200HYTT #REDHOTYOGA #ATL Well I could introduce myself in any number of ways. I have had a great life. SMU and Ole Miss for undergrad (BA Psychology/French) and have the pleasure of having lived in Atlanta, Rome GA, Dallas TX, Oxford MS, Paris FR, Prague CR, San Francisco, NYC (very briefly, wasn’t for me), Park City UT, Atlanta again and not the first “again.” GREATEST wish in life was to be Mom & God blessed me with three little Irish twin angels who make my life complete. Discovered “Yoga” while living in Park City with Lauren Lockey at The Racquet Club. And Yoga found me.

Divorce was imminent and eventually my world turned upside down. Yoga showed me how to bend, so I didn’t break. Yoga teaches how to be in the world, but not be affected by it. Life isn’t the result of what happens to us—it’s a reflection of how we respond.

When we learn to let go of past conditioning and sit present with what is—the good, the bad, & the ugly—we’re empowered to make strong decisions that affect not only our destiny but that (most importantly) benefit those we love and care about the most in our lives. I’ll admit it’s not always easy. When we stay present, we realize when we’re shaping our behavior from old beliefs that may no longer serve us. Sometimes we’ve held on to a belief for so long that we have no idea an alternate view exists. Practicing yoga doesn’t mean we won’t face true heartache and trauma. Becoming adept at mindfulness isn’t about disregarding a situation and sweeping it under the rug. It means learning to live in the present, without foreshadowing drama in the future because of something horrible that may have happened in the past or is currently happening, and having the clarity of focus to adjust our sails. Its also about learning to courageously lean towards & be present with discomfort—calmly, gracefully, honestly—and grow from that place. Happiness comes from the inside, and our biggest challenges are really just in our minds.


Jenn Hardy

0HYTT #NIRVANAYOGA #ATL Hi, I’m Jennifer Hardy. Ultimately, yoga saved my life having found yoga at a time where I was struggling with finding healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Doneness with unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships awakened me to the love I was searching for—which was deep inside myself. When you control your breath, no one can steal your peace. Yoga means to unite: mind, body and breath. Forever a student and very grateful for the wisdom and love my teachers poured into me. I’m on a mission to help you find your yoga. It is so satisfying to me to have a student say that they achieved something practicing with me that they didn’t believe was obtainable. That is what Yoga is to me—to obtain what was once unobtainable. I combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a sprinkle of motivation to help you deepen your practice. My hope is you step off your mat feeling nourished and balanced. I look forward to sharing space with you soon.